Engine Assurance Program

We cover scheduled and unscheduled maintenance for your older aircraft engines. You get enhanced customer service and comprehensive coverage for up to 30 percent less cost.

The high-quality alternative for hourly engine coverage on these aircraft:


Lear 31
Falcon 10
Lear 35


Falcon 50
Hawker 700
Astra 1125/SP
Citation III/VI
Lear 55


Falcon 50-4
Citation VII


Falcon 900B/C
Falcon 20-5
Hawker 800A/XP

Hawker 850XP


Lear 40/XR
Lear 45/XR


Falcon 900EX/LX

PW305 A/B

Lear 60/XR
Hawker 1000

TAY 611-8

Gulfstream GIV/SP


Challenger 601 1A/3A


Astra SPX

Falcon 50EX

Gulfstream G100

Gulfstream G150


Citation II/SII


Beechjet 400

Citation V


Citation X


Legacy 600


Get hourly engine coverage with enhanced customer service and meaningful cost savings for your older aircraft engines.

Over the last decade, airframe, engine and engine part values have dropped substantially; however, the traditional engine maintenance programs have actually increased in price.

The Engine Assurance Program takes advantage of the engine parts and services discounts now available and passes that value directly to our customers.

Why choose EAP?

Our oversight and expertise provide you with dispatch reliability, increased residual value, enhanced customer service and significant cost savings while using the same high-quality engine MRO shops and their fixed service technicians as the other programs. We cover scheduled and unscheduled maintenance without all of the exclusions.

Find out if your aircraft engines qualify.

Give us info about your aircraft.

The Engine Assurance Program

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Trusted resources. Less expensive.


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