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Customer Service

Why Choose EAP?

For high-end, personalized customer service, choose EAP.


We recently polled our clients and asked them what they like best about EAP. We were delighted with the most popular answer: our customer service. Clients appreciated that they could call us directly, day or night, and get help immediately. It’s easy to work with EAP, and we work hard to keep it that way.


From the beginning, our goal was to be the high-quality alternative for hourly engine coverage to the aging aircraft marketplace. We see the value in older aircraft, and we see the importance in treating people like valued customers. It’s the difference between being a contract and a client.

You can count on us to keep your engines flying, be of service and add value.

The Engine Assurance Program

Customer focused. High-quality.
Trusted resources. Less expensive.


Find out if your engines qualify.

Give us info about your aircraft.

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