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The EAP Engine Programs

The most expensive part of any aircraft is the engines. Aircraft without engine coverage are
much more likely to be taken out of service and parted out when the engines come due for heavy inspections. If the engines are not enrolled on an engine program, there is very little value left in the aircraft when one, two or all three engines are due for a major inspection or shop visit.

When EAP keeps an aircraft flying for six or eight more years, there is an entire revenue stream/trickle-down effect that feeds the whole industry and benefits all—pilots, parts resellers, maintenance companies, fuel resellers, engine shops, avionics shops, and on and on. When all the equity is removed from the engines, the aircraft slip into a salvage value category making them much easier to classify as Beyond Economic Repair.

​With EAP, aging aircraft can stay in the air longer, giving life to these still highly versatile airframes. EAP’s full-service engine program provides comprehensive coverage while boasting 99.99% dispatch reliability.

Three programs are available:

Comprehensive Jet Engine Coverage


Engine Coverage

EAP Services
Proportional Jet Engine Coverage



EAP Proportional Coverage

This program covers scheduled and unscheduled engine maintenance, including life-limited components, LRUs, R&R, shipping, rentals, line maintenance, trend monitoring and 24/7 access to Engine Assurance Program’s AOG assistance. Catastrophic coverage is also included. Most operators get full coverage with only 75 hours as the yearly minimum.

For those starting the program without a full buy-in. As an example, Engine Assurance Program will cover the next overhaul on a 50 percent basis if the operator has already flown through 50 percent of the time prior to the next overhaul at the time of enrollment. This includes all coverages from the comprehensive program, however, covered at the proportional rate.

Catastrophic Jet Engine Failure Coverage


Failure Coverage

EAP Catastrophic Failure Coverage

Limited to the catastrophic failure of the engine prior to its next scheduled event; this program also includes unscheduled failure of LRUs.

The Engine Assurance Program

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