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Comprehensive hourly engine maintenance programs for Dassault Falcon 900B and 900C.

A decade ago the average Falcon 900B was worth $20 million. Today it is worth between $3 million and $5 million; yet there are no lower-priced options for engine coverage. Until Engine Assurance Program.

If you own or are buying a Dassault Falcon 900B or a Falcon 900C aircraft powered by a TFE731-5 engine then now is the time to choose Engine Assurance Program for your hourly engine coverage. EAP provides high-end customer service and allows you to operate your aircraft more economically by offering hourly maintenance plans at significant savings while using the same high-quality engine MRO shops as the other programs.

Find out if your engines qualify.

Or, give us more specific info about your aircraft to start receiving the benefits.

Click here to visit the Engine Assurance Program website.

Customer focused. High-quality.
Trusted resources. Less expensive.


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