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Engine Assurance Program (EAP) responds to customer demand and expands into new product lines

NBAA Las Vegas, NV / September 12, 2019 – Engine Assurance Program (EAP), the fast-growing, high-quality hourly engine maintenance program, has added three new engine types, and seven new aircraft, to its service offering.

EAP, known for its support of the TFE731 engine and its variants, has added the PW305A/B, Tay 611-8 and CF34-3A-3A1 to its portfolio. The engines power the Lear 60/XR, Hawker 1000, Gulfstream GIV/SP and Challenger 601 1A/3A.


“Clients have been asking us to extend coverage to these engines. They fit our mission of supporting older engine platforms and of helping owners save money. No EAP clients have ever missed a trip because of an AOG issue, either. When a customer calls with an unscheduled engine issue, we jump into action until the engine is returned to service. We will fight hard as long as we can to keep our track record flawless and keep our customers in the air,” said Sean Lynch, EAP program coordinator.


EAP’s oversight helps operators with dispatch reliability, increased residual value and significant cost savings -- often as much as $80-$120 per engine per hour. EAP uses the same high-quality engine MRO shops as the competing programs. EAP covers scheduled and unscheduled engine maintenance, including life-limited parts, LRUs, R&R, shipping, rentals, line maintenance and 24/7 access to Engine Assurance Program's AOG assistance. Catastrophic coverage is also included. Operators get full coverage with only 75 hours as the yearly minimum. APU coverage also is available.


“The EAP difference is clear, which is why we have doubled our enrollments each year since launching, and we’re still growing. Operators get simpler contracts along with quality parts and services. The most significant way to maintain an aircraft’s value is to maintain its engines, so the fact that EAP offers comprehensive coverage for 30 percent less cost is an excellent way save money while preserving the value of the asset,” added Lynch.”

About EAP

The Engine Assurance Program (EAP) was formed to provide an affordable hourly engine maintenance program option for operators of TFE731-2, TFE731-3, TFE731-5, PW305 A/B, Tay 611-8 and CF34-3A/-3A1-powered aircraft. These engines power the following aircraft: Astra 1125/SP, Citation III/VI/VII; Falcon 10, 20-5, 50, 900B; Hawker 700, 800A/XP, 850XP, 1000; Lear 31, 35, 55, 60/XR; Gulfstream GIV/SP and Challenger 601 1A/3A. Using EAP’s oversight, the engines can be operated more economically. EAP is headquartered in Dallas, Texas.


For more information, contact Sean Lynch by email or call +1.214.350.0877.


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